Who We Are

Who We Are


AWDR is Australia’s leading non-lawyer workplace & discrimination representatives. We are a specialist Industrial Relations and Discrimination Firm. We have represented Australian employees from all walks of life for over 13 years.

Australian Workplace and Discrimination RepresentativesEmployees are often not fully aware of their rights under Fair Work Act and Equal Opportunity Laws. We will represent you to seek justice and closure under these laws. Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to stand up for your rights or to resolve a complicated work situation. Our experienced representatives create a strategy for you with real life solutions.

AWDR offers zealous representation of your interests by experienced and dedicated representatives at the Fair Work Commission and in state and federal discrimination Commissions and Tribunals. We have an outstanding record of achieving successful results for our clients in the areas of employment and discrimination. We negotiate fearlessly, and prepare matters for hearing with a realistic approach, aimed at keeping things affordable and moving quickly, allowing you to have your say but not get confused, overwhelmed and caught in an overly time-consuming system.

We do not ‘play both sides of the fence’, we do not represent employers, we are here for you. We have a reputation with tribunals, commissions and employers’ legal teams, who know we help employees only.

Australia’s Top Non Lawyer Workplace Representatives

Gary Pinchen, Principal of AWDR, has been featured as an industrial relations and workplace rights commentator on: A Current Affair, Today Tonight, Cosmopolitan Australia, Radio 2GB, and Workplace Express. See all here.

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