How We Can Help You: Sexual Harassment Claims

How We Can Help You


We are designed to assist individuals in sexual harassment claims, whether they be an employee, contractor, customer or student. There is a general belief that the companies or the wealthy always win, this is not our belief and we have proven that this is not the outcome on many occasions.

How We Can Help You in Sexual Harassment ClaimsMany people who have attempted to battle on without representation have found that they have stepped into the proverbial minefield.

  • Costs begin to mount with possibly no income,
  • Frustration builds as negotiations break down,
  • Experienced companies know how to work the system against you.

Lodging a sexual harassment claim with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commissions can be complex.

Pursuing a claim on your own can be emotionally stressful, especially if you’re looking for new employment, dealing with difficult personal circumstances, or forced to confront the person who sexually harassed you. Having a representative means we take the workload and stress of pursuing a claim off your hands and give you the peace of mind you deserve. We stand up for your rights.

Employers, in many cases, use “legalese” arguments such as jurisdictional objections so that your claim cannot be heard. We have in depth knowledge of the legislation and case law relevant to your claim. We have the expertise to get to the heart of the matter and deal with any curve ball that comes our way.

Sexual Harassment Claims: How We Can Help You

We are not intimidated by big companies, well-spoken HR Managers or elaborate law firms. Our industry reputation and experience means that Employers know that we will zealously fight a sexual harassment claim.

We will give you honest and open advice, you may not always like what you hear but you will know where you stand.

We can assist you in four ways:

  1. Accessibility: We want to listen to you, and are ready to help 7 days a week.
  2. Affordability: No ongoing costs and in some cases, no win no pay may apply.
  3. Specialists: In mediation, negotiation, arbitration and advocacy
  4. Honest Assessment: We will not lead you astray or prolong your complaint just to charge fees. The skill in all systems is to get the result you want as early as you can and get out.

Australian Workplace Discrimination Representatives (AWDR) prides itself on being able to resolve, through negotiation and zealous representation, sexual harassments complaints.

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