How do parties find a lawyer to represent them?

The Registry cannot give names of lawyers, however the Law Society of NSW may be contacted for the names of solicitors practising in the area of employment law. Assistance and advice may be available from community legal centres, unions, and employer organisations. 

Can parties be represented?

Parties may appear on their own behalf or may be represented by a union, employer organisation, friend or family member or may, subject to the leave of the Commission, be represented by a lawyer or an industrial agent.

How much compensation can an applicant claim?

Compensation is not to exceed 6 months of an applicant’s remuneration immediately before being dismissed. The amount received will vary in each case and depend on various factors including, for example, whether the applicant made a reasonable attempt to find alternative employment.

What is remuneration?

Remuneration is a broad concept and has been held to include superannuation and private use of a motor vehicle. In appropriate circumstances it has also been held to include bonuses, commission, provision of a mobile phone, but not overtime. Parties should seek their own advice concerning this.