Anti-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity

Anti-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity


Many people do not realize that they have an equal opportunity or anti-discrimination claim, or do not understand what discrimination means under Australia’s numerous pieces of equal opportunity or anti-discrimination legislation. Set out below is an outline of the circumstances in which you may wish to lodge a discrimination claim. For further information, feel free to contact us.

Anti-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity

All Australian employees regardless of who they work for, or the size of the company, have rights to be protected from discrimination. We represent clients who have been discriminated against in employment, education, the provision of goods and services, and contract work.

You may be able to bring a discrimination claim on the basis of the following attributes:


– race
– sex
– age
– disability
– sexual orientation
– marital status
– breastfeeding
– employment activity
– gender identity
– industrial activity
– lawful sexual activity
– parental status or status as a carer
– physical features
– political belief or activity
– pregnancy
– religious belief or activity
– personal association (whether as a relative or otherwise) with a person who is identified by reference to any of the above attributes
– criminal record

You are entitled to justice and a fair go, under no circumstances do you have to suffer or put up with discrimination in the workplace. Why should you suffer because of your employer, or their failure to act on your complaints? Call now to have a confidential discussion regarding your situation.

As Australia’s premier non-lawyer employee representatives, we give honest advice, and put all our energy into getting the best outcome for you.  We only represent employees not employers, so our firm does not have conflicts of interest.  Call us today!

Listed below are some examples of various acts which may constitute discrimination. Please note the explanations are not exhaustive.

Race, national extraction, social origin or colour discrimination

  • Comments about your race, colour, sacked because of your nationality or not promoted because of who you are.

Sex discrimination

  • Comments or actions directed at you because you are female, comments or actions directed at you because you are male.

Age discrimination

  • Differential treatment because you are young, employer trying to force you to retire, refusal of promotion or redundancy because you are too young or too old.

Disability and impairment discrimination

  • Subjected to intimidation, ridicule or insult because of physical disability or injury, mental disability, mental illness, depression or anxiety. Not allowed to work or given lesser duties because of an injury. Employer presumes employee is incapable of several duties due to past disability which no longer affects them.

Family responsibilities, parental status or status as a carer discrimination

  • Forced to work nights or weekends or sacked when you are unable to when the employer knows you have to take care of your children or partner.

Physical features discrimination

  • Your weight, looks, tattoos, hair is derided and/or used as a barrier to your career progression.

Pregnancy discrimination

  • Moved to lesser duties, demoted, sacked, made redundant whilst on maternity leave, no reasonable adjustment of hours on return to the workplace.

A good employer should protect you against discrimination in the workplace. If you complaint about discrimination to your employer and are subjected to detriment because of your complaint, you may additionally be able to bring a victimisation claim. People are wrongfully judged, categorized, sexually harassed and treated unequally every day in Australia, rather than being judged on their merits and allowed to go to work and do their job. At AWDR, we believe justice and fairness applies equally to everybody. If you think you might have a discrimination claim, call us today.

Your self respect tells you not to let your employer or staff get away with it!

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